Intercultural Management

More and more companies are working on a global level and in many fields as virtual teams.

How to adapt work methods to cultural differences? How to work remotely and efficiently? How to create a virtual team dynamic? How to become a Global Leader?

Akteos helps managers and teams to develop key skills to collaborate efficiently in a multicultural context, locally or remotely, and thus improve their performance in a global setting.

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Our Intercultural Management courses

Succeeding in a multicultural environment For professionals who work in an international or multicultural environment and wish to acquire a better understanding of intercultural issues Inter-companyIntra-company Developing your Global Leadership For professionals who wish to develop their leadership skills in relation to colleagues, partners, clients and suppliers from different cultures Inter-companyIntra-company International Management For executives, executive committees, subsidiary directors, international mobility managers, managers who work in an international context Inter-companyIntra-company Managing a Multicultural Team For managers and project leaders who work with multicultural teams Inter-companyIntra-company The Challenge of Long Distance Team Working For managers and members of long distance or “virtual” teams operating in a national or international environment Inter-companyIntra-company Managing an international project For managers and project leaders who work internationally NewIntra-company Managing Multicultural Human Resources For this training session is firstly dedicated to:
  • International Human Resources Directors
  • International Human Resources Managers
  • International Mobility Managers
  • International Recruitment Managers
  • All international managers in their HR activities
Mastering influence techniques in a multicultural context For executives and managers who have to convince and influence in a multicultural context Inter-companyIntra-company

Our Digital Learning

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Cultural Filters

Do you work with colleagues, partners, suppliers or customers from a different culture? Do you wish to avoid blunders and better manage your intercultural situations?

Akteos offers a Digital Learning module to understand the impact of cultural filters on our perceptions and to acquire an intercultural approach....Read more

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