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Akteos helps companies to master risks linked to cultural differences and to value diversity as an asset.

Managing cultural differences and seeking synergies are strategic issues in a challenging international context. With 20 years of expertise in intercultural management, Akteos offers inter-company, in-company courses and customized solutions to develop people' skills who work in a multicultural context and have to adapt to a new environment.

Our offer is aimed at all company functions affected by cross-cultural complexity in different contexts.

Why is interculturality an essential subject?

Many of the difficulties encountered by international companies are due to a lack of cultural understanding. Business globalization and new technologies have emphasized this phenomenon: everything moves very fast, everything seems close; differences are denied in the name of a "global" culture, especially managerial, which would transcend national cultures.

In this context, it is essential to identify and understand different cultural systems in order to adapt one's behavior, communication, negotiation and management style, in order to gain in professional efficiency. If intercultural sensitivity helps to avoid blunders, it can also promote synergies, be a source of creativity and develop a new competitive advantage.

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Akteos is constantly developing new programs to meet the specific challenges of a company, a sector or a profession and to adapt to the evolutions of working methods. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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