Managing a Multicultural Team

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Target audience

Managers and project leaders who work with multicultural teams


No prerequisite


At the end of the training session, participants will have the tools to:

  • Understand the team members’ cultural facets
  • Adjust their communication and work methods to successfully manage a multicultural team

Added value


All our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities. Each training project will be the subject of a case study by our teams, in order to adapt the training program.


Exploring the impact of culture on professional relationships and on the management of multicultural teams

  • Go beyond stereotypes to create a team culture
  • Understand value systems and differing perceptions
  • Adopt an intercultural approach and develop intercultural skills
  • Examine cultural management styles to understand the varying expectations of international team members
  • Build trust in a multicultural team

Managing a multicultural team with the Nomad Profile

  • Evaluate the interpersonal and intercultural differences of the multicultural team members
  • Situate cultural differences on the cultural dimensions grid
  • Acquire intercultural methods to manage differences and avoid conflicts
  • Optimize communication in a multicultural team
  • Create synergies by transforming differences into commentary perceptions

Optimizing Managerial Interactions Face-to-face and Remotely

  • Adapt leadership styles to be better understood
  • Identify individual attributes to better coordinate human resources
  • Anticipate and manage interpersonal and intercultural conflicts
  • Delegate, influence and motivate the team
  • Develop a collective intelligence of the multicultural team

Adopting best practices

  • Review targeted skills 
  • Analyse strengths and areas for improvement 
  • Determine best practices
  • Create a tailor-made action plan

Available Inter-company courses Duration: 14 hours

* (Technical fees and lunch included)

Intra-company coursesDuration: to define
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