Nomad' Profiler

An essential tool to reduce gaps and succeed internationally!

A model developed by Akteos around 10 cultural dimensions to better prepare for intercultural interactions.

A cultural atlas, a compass, a decoder, the Nomad' Profiler makes it possible to become aware of cultural preferences and those of interlocutors.

There are many ways to use the Nomad' Profiler before, during and after training.

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The Nomad' Profiler includes:

The Cultural Profiler


30 questions (15min) to get a detailed Cultural Profile


Comparison of one' s Profile to other profiles (country, team, company)

The Country Packs


80 Country Packs to explore: cultural profile and codes, business life, golden rules, panorama

Nomad' Profiler - Intercultural Digital Learning - Akteos

Cornerstone of our pedagogy

The Nomad Profile takes into account cultural references that drive organizations and societies, influence of cultural preferences on the way we think, organize and act, and impact of cultural values on relational aspects.

10 cultural dimensions

Relationship to society

  • Hierarchical distance
  • Applying the rules
  • Focal Point

Relationship to work

  • Reasoning
  • Time management
  • Risk-taking

Relationship to others

  • Professional relationships
  • Communication
  • Dispute resolution
  • Expressing emotions

The Nomad' Profiler is available in 12 languages

Akteos - Nomad' Profiler

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