Cultural Filters

Do you work with colleagues, partners, suppliers or customers from a different culture? Do you wish to avoid blunders and better manage your intercultural situations?

Akteos offers a Digital Learning module to understand the impact of cultural filters on our perceptions and to acquire an intercultural approach.

Develop your intercultural attitude online and at your own pace!


  • Becoming aware of your own cultural filters
  • Developing an intercultural approach

Developed skills

Being able to recognize, respect and reconcile cultural differences in a professional context


  1. Analyzing your perceptions
  2. Understanding the influence of values on behaviors
  3. Acquiring an intercultural approach
  4. Assessing your knowledge on cultural filters

An interactive and fun learning experience thanks to various contents and materials


 45 minutes

Cultural Filters - Intercultural Digital Learning – Akteos Academy

Digital module accessible online at any time


Our LMS platform allows us to build learning paths that combine different modalities to promote and anchor learning.

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