Managing Multicultural Human Resources

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Target audience

This training session is firstly dedicated to:

  • International Human Resources Directors
  • International Human Resources Managers
  • International Mobility Managers
  • International Recruitment Managers
  • All international managers in their HR activities


No prerequisite


  • Decode and understand one's own cultural baggage and its impact on their communication style
  • Analyse impacts of the culture on one's international business relationships, with operational managers, associates, candidates, and colleagues
  • Identify cross-cultural misunderstandings and learn how to elaborate appropriate solutions
  • Discuss with other HR managers on the key practices of intercultural skills to develop depending on each context

Added value


All our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities. Each training project will be the subject of a case study by our teams, in order to adapt the training program.



1. Pinpointing cultural differences in business relationships

  • Map of the potential cross-cultural misunderstandings in HR activities
  • Identifying sources of ambiguity and incomprehension
  • Reconciling differences

2. Developing awareness of culture's impact on communication

  • The origins of culture and value systems
  • Cross-cultural interactions: individual, functional, organizational and national levels
  • Prejudice and stereotypes
  • The stages of cultural adaptation
  • Differences in perceptions and communication problems

3. Deciphering cultures

  • How time and space are managed
  • Reasoning styles, risk-taking and change management
  • Social relationships with individuals and groups
  • Importance attached to tasks and relationships
  • Communication (implicit, explicit and non-verbal messages)
  • Power distance, status and the acceptance of rules
  • Expression of emotions in the workplace, conflict management

4. Analysing your cultural profile

  • The individual profile


1. Understanding HR management in various cultural environments

  • Identifying the organizational, social and legal framework for HR
  • Exploring diversity in career development
  • Understanding performance measurement, reward and compensation

2. Assisting international managers and associates

  • Recruiting international candidates successfully
  • Motivating and retaining international profiles
  • Developing multicultural competencies
  • Leveraging international skills

3. Adapting your communication and approach in HR activities

  • Communicating on best HR practices
  • Integrating cultural differences
  • Developing global shared practices

4. Overcoming the challenges of long-distance communication

  • The specifics of long-distance communication
  • Managing a meeting effectively
  • Developing effective communication
  • Resolving conflicts

5. Developing an adjusted strategy

  • Identifying current challenges within the organization
  • Building enabling systems
  • Leading change

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