Quiz: Inclusive management

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Inclusive management

1. As a manager, you witness a microaggression between 2 members of your team, how do you react?

This is a personal discussion, you don't have to intervene.

You intervene and explain why this behavior may be perceived as offensive.

You wait for the next meeting to remind you of the rules of inclusion within the team.

2. You observe that a German-speaking member of the team has difficulty communicating with his French-speaking colleagues. What can you do ?

You think he just needs time to improve his level of French.

You organize German language training for the entire team.

You encourage the team to communicate in a more visual way.

3. One of your colleagues tells you that he was shocked by an important client who made a joke about an ethnic stereotype during a telephone conversation. How do you react ?

This employee should not take things too seriously.

You call the customer to clarify the situation because such comments would not be acceptable.

You apologize to the employee who received this call, and tell them that they will no longer have to deal with this customer.

4. About to conclude the hiring of a candidate with an interesting profile, he informs you that he is visually impaired. The work environment is not currently suitable, how do you react?

You are touched and want to know the origin of his disability.

You question it to assess the needs in terms of development.

Accommodations that already exist for a disabled employee should suit them.

5. An employee informs you that he is the victim of sexual harassment by another employee. What are you doing to help him?

You organize a meeting with the two people concerned to clarify the situation.

You take the report into account and alert your employer or your HR department.

You remain alert and if it happens again you will act accordingly.

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