Diversity and inclusion are now key topics in the professional world. True levers of performance, they are at the heart of concerns and represent strategic stakes for companies.

In order to meet this growing demand to inform all teams and help them overcome prejudices and stereotypes, Akteos has designed conferences and webinars.

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A short format, a targeted theme

Our conferences and webinars are led by our experts or renowned speakers and deal with intercultural, geopolitical and diversity and inclusion issues.

These short, targeted presentations can be offered to company employees as well as to managers or members of executive committees.

Some examples of conferences proposed by Akteos:


  • Seize the world

How important are cultural factors at work? What can we learn from our experiences in an international context? How do we adjust cross-culturally? Come and explore real-life situations and integrate practical tips during this interactive conference!


  • Mind the Gap

How to demystify and de-dramatize the use of the English language among international colleagues? How to approach work with foreign partners or collaborators with peace of mind?  This interactive conference on language and culture aims to expose, in a joyful and good-humored way, communication between cultures by proposing 9 tools within the reach of everyone.


  • Working with the French: Simple comme bonjour

How can foreign employees improve their cooperation with the French? What French cultural specificities should they consider? What tips and points of vigilance should be integrated? With the help of numerous case studies, this conference aims to shed light on the most critical issues and to share action levers to optimize the professional relationship of foreign partners with the French.

  • Doing business with the UK

What is the difference between England, Great Britain and the United Kingdom? How to adapt your communication style to build trust and cooperation with your British counterparts? How to give impact to your e-mails? What are the best practices and the faux-pas to avoid during face-to-face or remote meetings? Discover the keys to deciphering British cultural codes and optimizing your relationships with contacts in the UK.

  • Understanding Chinese business culture

What does the Chinese "yes" mean? What is the importance of the concept of “face” in China and what does it imply in a professional context? What are the main differences between the Western and Chinese approaches to negotiation? Our cross-cultural expert shares her key operational tips to succeed in business in China.

  • The Confucian legacy in the professional world

Do you work with contacts from China, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Japan? Why is it necessary to understand Confucius? Westerners see a Far East Asia that is becoming westernized, yet the social morality of Confucius remains active. In this conference, which is based on 45 years of experience in Asia and on expatriates' feedback, you will understand the richness of speech and especially of silence, how to manage hierarchy, a capital notion in these countries, and how to optimize your relationship with your contacts in Confucian countries.

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  • Gender equity across cultures

What can certain traditional societies teach us about gender relations? On what tangible elements are the relationships between men and women at the heart of societies based? What are the subtle trade-offs from one culture to another? Discover an analysis of the origins of patriarchy in traditional and modern societies, allowing us to go beyond the limiting thought patterns that hinder women's emancipation and parity within the business world.

  • Gender equality: why and how? 

Gender equality is not only desirable from an ethical point of view and mandatory from a legal point of view. It is also a condition for creating an attractive, successful and sustainable company. How to implement this equality in everyday life? This is what this conference proposes to explore.

  • Inclusion of LGBT talents

Gender identity and sexual orientation are not just private issues: whether we are male, female, non-binary, heterosexual or not, we must work together. Excluding LGBT people is not only forbidden, but also counterproductive: it means depriving ourselves of their skills. How can we welcome these diversities in the company to allow everyone to flourish?

  • Building a transgenerational company

It is very difficult to escape age-related stereotypes, particularly from the age of 45. However, longer life expectancy and changes in the world of work are forcing companies to change. To initiate this transition, a change in mentality is necessary and possible. This conference will help you trigger reflection, but also concrete actions to accelerate the transmission of skills and the development of talents.


Our conferences and webinars can also be an opportunity to introduce training sessions, to prepare participants and to explain to their managers the merits of this approach and the changes it will bring about.

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