Do you want to raise your team's awareness of intercultural perspectives?  "Break the ice" at the start of intercultural seminars? Work on specific project?

Akteos designs and organizes intercultural workshops tailored to your context and needs.

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An ideal format for your seminar interventions, kick-off meetings, etc.

Akteos runs short workshops (½ a day) held as part of international seminars, kick-off meetings or induction courses, etc.

They are adapted to the objectives of each company:

  • Better integrate a multinational company
  • Awareness of intercultural complexity
  • Work on a multicultural project

The success of this method is largely due to the high degree of interaction between consultants acting as facilitors and participants.

It makes it possible to fully appreciate the impact of culture on behaviour patterns and to quickly gain a solid understanding of it.


A typical workshop
  • Simulation and debriefing exercises
  • Assessment of the impact of culture
  • Understanding of cultural traits
  • Analysis of the cultural profile
  • Preparation of adjustment strategies

Workshops can be combined with other training, team building or coaching sessions . It can also follow a conference.

Workshop examples

  • Kick-off meetings
  • Integrating newcomers
  • Business etiquette
  • Know-how transfer
  • Intercultural in business
  • Capitalization of knowledge

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