Virtual Class

Ideal for international teams working remotely

With the widespread use of remote work and the dispersion of teams, Akteos has developed workshops, training and coaching, 100% remote!

Akteos - Intercultural training - Virtual classroom

A flexible and efficient format

Synchronous mode

  • Learners and trainers connect via the Internet and meet in a virtual training room.

Replicates face-to-face conditions to ensure similar quality

  • Remote participants can interact orally and in writing, share documents and videos.

Strengths of our virtual classes

  • Technical facility: Learners guided before and during
  • Specific objectives developed in each teaching sequence
  • Encouraged exchanges and varied interactive activities to maintain attention


Use of videoconferencing tools on the market

that allow to create a virtual room in which participants can interact

  • from their computer, tablet or smartphone
  • in complete security

ZOOM, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams or adaptation to your internal tools.


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