Quiz: What do these French expressions mean?

Native French speakers often use idiomatic expressions. Integral to the French language and culture, the meaning of these fixed expressions can be difficult to grasp when translated literally into other languages.

Not knowing their figurative meaning can lead to misunderstandings or even confusion, both for those who speak another language and even for certain French speakers.

Do you know the meaning of the following French expressions? Test your knowledge and discover the answers by email!

What do these French expressions mean?

1. "Avoir du pain sur la planche"

Have a lot of experience

Have a solid network of contacts

Have a lot of work to do

2. "Ne pas être dans son assiette"

Not being hungry

Not feeling well

To disagree

3. "Faire chou blanc"

Failing, not getting the expected result

Succeed in convincing your interlocutors

To scare someone

4. "Faire la pluie et le beau temps"

Having a changeable or disconcerting mood

Having a lot of power or influence over a situation

Be competent in several different fields

5. "Voir midi à sa porte"

Interpret things according to your own point of view or interests

Taking credit from another person

Be capable of self-criticism

6. "Les carottes sont cuites"

The debate is closed

The situation is desperate

The project is ready

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