Living and working in France

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Target audience

Employees of the company and their spouses, expatriates in France


No prerequisite


Significantly increase the participants' efficiency in their professional relations with the French and facilitate integration for them and their families 

At the end of the training session, participants will have the tools to:

  • Reduce and cope with culture shock 
  • Adopt an intercultural approach
  • Understand the context and culture of France
  • Decipher cultural codes and analyze situations of misunderstanding
  • Adapt their communication and work methods
  • Decode decision-making and negotiation processes

Added value

  • Conducted by an expert consultant specialized on France
  • Decoding the Nomad’ Profiler
  • Alternating theory and practical exercises
  • Access to Digital Learning for one year
  • Sharing  best practices
  • Personalized action plan


Step 1 : E-learning

Adopting an intercultural approach

  • Specify your context and expectations
  • Become aware of cultural filters
  • Discover your cultural profile

Step 2 : Group training session

Successfully integrating in France

Discovering the cultural basics of France

  • A strong historical, philosophical, religious and cultural heritage
  • Social and political context, economic environment
  • A dual educational system, the importance of degrees
  • A diverse territory, a cosmopolitan population

Understanding French values

  • Fundamental values: freedom, equality, individualism
  • Cartesian reasoning, critical thinking, penchant for debate
  • The relationship to hierarchy
  • The "Système D"

Living in France

  • Transportation, administration, housing, safety, hygiene, health: high-level organizations serving the greatest number of people
  • Social life, leisure activities, extra-curricular activities
  • Language learning: a wealth of opportunities
  • Succeed an Assignment to France

Succeed in your professional mission in France

Communicating with the French 

  • Importance of mastering the French language and presentation of self
  • A culture of the written word, but also of the unspoken
  • The impact of words and messages, differences in interpretation
  • Manage sensitivities

Adapting work methods

  • French management style and corporate culture
  • Understand the organization of a French company: procedures, decision making, work methods and the concept of quality 
  • Overcome individualism
  • Value performance

Conducting successful meetings and negotiations with French people

  • Understand French-style meetings
  • Time and deadline management
  • French negotiation: the art of diplomacy
  • The contract: a firm and final agreement

Adopting best practices

  • Recognize key principles
  • Avoid pitfalls, mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Create a tailor-made action plan

Step 3 : E-learning to go further

Explore Country Packs

Develop knowledge about the country (cultural codes, business life, golden rules, panorama)

Available Inter-company courses Duration: 7 hours

1 day

* (Technical fees and lunch included)

Intra-company courses Duration: to define
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