Successfully returning from expatriation

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Target audience

Employees of the company and their spouses, returning to their home country after an expatriation


No prerequisite


Make a success of their return to their home country by identifying the challenges and actions to be taken to adapt to their new personal and professional context.

Added value


All our training courses are accessible to people with disabilities. Each training project will be the subject of a case study by our teams, in order to adapt the training program.


Assessing the challenges of returning from expatriation

Taking stock of your expatriation

  • Rediscover your motivations and objectives
  • Identify the impact of expatriation on the personal, family and professional life

Avoiding the pitfalls of returning from expatriation

  • Understand the culture shock of the return
  • Take stock of the experience
  • Reintegrate socially and with the extended family
  • Reintegrate professionally
  • Identify the obstacles and allies

Analyzing your new cultural profile

  • Establish a cultural comparison of the 2 countries

Making your comeback a success

Taking advantage of your experience 

  • Identify your new skills
  • Be aware of your new talents
  • Make your expatriation an added value

Developing a new project

  • Identify your new objectives
  • Translate it into a project
  • Plan the short-, medium- and long-term steps

Succeeding in your personal reintegration

  • Reconnect with your roots, friends and family
  • Successfully integrate children from the "third culture”

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