Negotiating abroad using intercultural NLP

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Target audience

Working people who negotiate in a global and multicultural environment, and who want to increase their self-confidence and their convincing skill.


No prerequisite


The objective of this trainig is to significantly improve participant’s ability to negotiate with foreign contacts.
By the end of this training, participants will have acquired insights and techniques to help them :

  • To increase their self-confidence during international negotiations
  • To acquire mental strategies in order to achieve its goals
  • To learn to watch and decode one's contacts
  • To ask the great questions and to respond to objections
  • To enforce one's sales pitch and to convince one's contact within a multicultural and global environment

Added value

  • Create your Cultural Profile
  • Access to 70 Country Packs
  • Pragmatic, fun e-learning
  • Interactive method
  • Acquire operational tools


Module 1: Discover NLP efficiency when gathering with Intercultural skills

1. Initiation to NLP

  • Discover the functioning of our beliefs' system
  • Recognize the filters in communication (VAKOG learning styles)
  • Observe the contact: the "calibration"
  • Be synchronized with the contact
  • Apply the "matching rules" or "personal alignment"
  • Be aware of intercultural communication

 2. Adopt an intercultural approach

  • Awareness of one's own cultural background
  • Analysis of a Cultural Profile
  • Integration of the cultural filters within NLP technics
  • Implement strategies of success with foreign contacts

3. To make the NLP technics yours

  • Know the "access keys" for a good understanding of the contact
  • Discover the "truth alarm": eyes access keys
  • Identify the state-resources and create an anchor
  • Put into practice feed-back technic
  • Detect perceptual positions
  • Develop intercultural sensitivity


Module 2 : Apply intercultural NLP tools to business relationships

1. Achieve one's business goals

  • To behave efficiently ("TOTE model")
  • Detect the conditions for an goal well-told
  • Use Walt-Disney creativity strategy 
  • Reframe and respond to objections

2. Analyse an intercultural situation thanks to NLP

  • Explore Bateson-Dilts pyramid: the 6 logical levels
  • Assess confusion of logical levels within the speech
  • Compare the pyramid to the Intercultural Iceberg of Kohls
  • Adapt oneself to the cultural environment of the contact

3. Adapt one's strategy thanks to the "meta-model"

  • Build oneself a point of view
  • Tackle the 5 shapes of the "meta-model"
  • Put in correlation the 5 shapes with the logical levels
  • Understand one's contact functioning and obtain the good information
  • Put oneself in a domination position

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