Mastering influence techniques in a multicultural context


Analyzing Professional Behaviors

1. Measuring the influence of culture on behaviours

  • Experiencing the impact of cultural differences in a group
  • Learning to manage ambiguities
  • Understand the rules in different cultures
  • Become aware of one's cultural background

2. Learning to decode cultures

  • Become familiar with the cultural dimensions analysis grid
  • Analyze its cultural profile and the gaps with the cultures concerned
  • Understand work behaviours in the context of international work groups 

3. Understand the messages received

  • Identify cultural specificities
  • Practice active listening
  • Decrypt the non-verbal

4. Improve intercultural communication

  • Adapt your messages
  • Learning to argue
  • Make yourself understood
  • Choose your vocabulary
  • Giving Context
  • Reconciling clarity of message and diplomacy

Influencing in a Multicultural Context

1. Master the techniques of influence

  • Present a 6-step model of influence
  • Apply the model to problems encountered in international work group 
  • Identify concrete actions

2. Identify each other's strategy

  • Simulate an international meeting
  • Analyze the issues of the members of the meeting
  • Identify potential allies and build alliances
  • Develop proposals and try to convince others to adopt them

3. Assessing one's position

  • Analyze its assets
  • Identifying weak points
  • Identify your key competencies
  • Soft skills and know-how

4.Optimize your influence strategy

  • Adopting the right attitudes
  • Learn to avoid traps
  • Adapt your negotiation style
  • Adapting without getting lost
  • Be open and flexible while staying focused on the objectives
  • Define your strengths and areas for improvement: personal action plan


Mastering influence techniques in a multicultural context

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