Managing a Multicultural Team

Understanding team's cultural codes

1. Developping awareness of culture's impact on professional relationships

  • Understanding values systems
  • Identifying different levels of cross-cultural interactions: individual, functional, organizational and national
  • Avoiding preconceptions and stereotypes
  • Identifying stages of cultural adaptation
  • Measuring differences of perceptions and communication problems

2. Decoding cultures

  • Managing time and space
  • Understanding social relationships: individuals and groups
  • Identifying importance attached to tasks and relationships
  • Understanding context of communication (implicit, explicit, ...)
  • Estimating power distance, status and acceptance of rules

3. Pinpointing cultural differences

  • Setting group rules
  • Identifying sources of ambiguities and incomprehensions
  • Reconciling differences by analyzing the individual and team profiles

4. Creating a climate of trust

  • Understanding different cultures of the team
  • Identifying any possible causes of suspicion
  • Maximising cultural synergies
  • Making the most of proximity

Maximising the effectiveness of multicultural teams

5. Creating a common language

  • Understanding the linguistic context
  • Listening more closely to understand underlying and implicit meanings
  • Checking that your contacts have correctly understood your message

6. Organising teamwork

  • Identifying cultural traits and habits
  • Creating a common working culture
  • Introducing an effective and dynamic working climate and organisation
  • Managing time, priorities and deadlines

7. Managing cultural conflicts

  • Identifying sources of influence and power
  • Understanding decision-making processes
  • Anticipating sticking point

8. Identifying good practices

  • Listing the skills identified
  • Analyzing its strengths and areas of improvement
  • To bring out good practices and build an action plan

Managing a Multicultural Team

Public Courses

  • 2 on-site days (Paris)
  • 3 remote half-days


 June 28-29-30, 2022remote Session
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 July 7-8, 2022Paris
1620 €HT/pers. Training session held in French

 September 19-20, 2022Paris
1620 €HT/pers. Training session held in French

 October 24-25-26, 2022remote Session
1620 €HT/pers. Training session held in French

 December 12-13-14, 2022remote Session
1620 €HT/pers. Training session held in French


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