Working with Turkey

Module 1 : Understanding cultural differences

1. Intercultural awareness, the key to success in international business

  • Taking stock of one's own cultural baggage
  • The basics of effective intercultural management
  • Identifying and going beyond cultural stereotypes

2. Key aspects of Turkish culture

  • One country spanning two continents
  • An ageing, multi-ethnic population
  • The Ottoman Empire, the Kemalist revolution, Atatürk
  • Islam and secularism in Turkey
  • A country at a crossroads between tradition and modernity

3. The impact of values and behaviour patterns on professional dealings and relationships

  • A nomadic heritage
  • Patriotism and openness
  • The importance of family values
  • The role of women in Turkish society
  • A respect for hierarchies and authority
  • The value of money and a sense of generosity
  • Turkish pragmatism

4. The Turkish corporate world

  • Key factors in understanding the way companies operate
  • A paternalistic structure open to consensus: flexibility and availability
  • Understanding the Turkish notion of productivity
  • The liberalisation of working methods
  • Continued control by the State and the authorities

Module 2 : Succeeding in work with the Turks

1. Effective communication with the Turks

  • The decisive role played by networks
  • Encouraging direct and instructive dialogue
  • The characteristics and challenges of the Turkish language

2. Adapting your working methods

  • Building trust and confidence: kindness and benevolence
  • Effective management: objectivity and the personal touch
  • Recruitment, loyalty-building, training and imparting knowledge
  • An ability to listen and take decisions. Conflict resolution: a sense of honour 
  • Pitfalls to be avoided

3. Successful meetings and negotiations with the Turks

  • Preparation: sincerity, patience and perspective
  • Identifying decision-makers to improve relationships
  • The value of silence
  • Attitudes to contracts and their implications

4. Final handy tips

  • Caution, patience and humility
  • Protocol and etiquette
  • Social standards, gifts, business cards, dress code, etc
  • Sensitive subjects: politics, history, religion
  • Humour: a double-edged sword

Working with Turkey

Public Courses

  • 2 on-site days (Paris)
  • 3 remote half-days


 October 18, 2022remote Session
850 €HT/pers. Training session held in French


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