Working with Malaysia

Adopting an intercultural approach

  • Develop awareness of participant's cultural biases
  • Understand the impact of cultures on behavior
  • Identify and overcome stereotypes

Understanding Malaysian Cultural Codes

Discovering the cultural basics of Malaysia

  • A country between land and sea
  • The impact of colonization
  • A multi-ethnic and multi-religious society
  • A strong political power, a dynamic economy

Understanding Malaysian values

  • Indian, Chinese and Islamic influences
  • Family values, communities, networks
  • Status of women based on ethnicity
  • Hierarchy and relationship to authority

Optimize your professional action with Malaysians

Communicating with Malaysians

  • Verbal language is a social link
  • Decipher discreet gestures 
  • The power of networks
  • Create trust and develop relationships

Adapting work methods

  • Make yourself credible: experience and leadership
  • Manage effectively: supervise, listen, advise
  • Project management: schedules, roles and responsibilities
  • Teamwork

Conducting successful meetings and negotiations with Malaysians

  • Build trust outside the workplace 
  • Identify negotiation styles
  • Anticipate sticking points and defuse conflicts
  • Understand the importance of the contract and its significance

Adopting best practices

  • Recognize key principles
  • Avoid pitfalls, mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Create a tailor-made action plan

Working with Malaysia

Corporate Training Solutions

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