Negotiating in a Cross-cultural Context

Module 1: Assessing the specificities of international negotiation

1. Identifying the context of the negotiation

  • Defining negotiation and international negotiation 
  • Understanding the context of international negotiation
  • Estimating the risks and opportunities
  • Measuring the impact of cultural differences

 2. Preparing an international negotiation

  • Understanding the other's logic
  • Identifying the good interlocutor
  • Analysing their strenghts and weaknesses

3. Apprehending the process of negotiation

  • Exposing the 5 stages of a negotiation
  • Defining the different roles: leader, partner or follower 
  • Dealing with time factor
  • Adopting the appropriate attitude: from resistance to cooperation 
  • Always having a B plan

Module 2: Setting up a winning strategy

1. Knowing the different styles of negotiation 

  • Understanding the origins of the different ways of negotiating
  • Identifying one's own style of negotiation
  • Being in a position to deal with different styles

2. Identifying the methods of communication

  • Building a favourable atmosphere and giving a positive image
  • Listening to the words and interpreting the body language
  • Understanding elliptic communication
  • Knowing how to make a good use of silence

3. Controlling the negotiation

  • Knowing what kind of a relationship to build up between the speakers
  • Estimating what relationship to maintain after the negotiation 
  • Leaving a good memory and the desire to pursue the relationship
  • Knowing how to reward according to the culture

4. Making a success of the negotiation

  • Evaluating the state of progress of the negotiation
  • Knowing how and when to make a concession
  • Understanding the function of the contract in different cultures
  • Doing a comparative negotiation

Negotiating in a Cross-cultural Context

Remote sessions

  • 3 half-days
  • Small groups (max 4 persons)
  • Optimal interactivity

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 November 15-18-19, 2021, Remote Session
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 December 8-9, 2021, Paris
1620 €HT/pers. Training session held in French


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