Negotiating abroad using intercultural NLP

Module 1: Discover NLP efficiency when gathering with Intercultural skills

1. Initiation to NLP

  • Discover the functioning of our beliefs' system
  • Recognize the filters in communication (VAKOG learning styles)
  • Observe the contact: the "calibration"
  • Be synchronized with the contact
  • Apply the "matching rules" or "personal alignment"
  • Be aware of intercultural communication

 2. Adopt an intercultural approach

  • Awareness of one's own cultural background
  • Analysis of a Cultural Profile
  • Integration of the cultural filters within NLP technics
  • Implement strategies of success with foreign contacts

3. To make the NLP technics yours

  • Know the "access keys" for a good understanding of the contact
  • Discover the "truth alarm": eyes access keys
  • Identify the state-resources and create an anchor
  • Put into practice feed-back technic
  • Detect perceptual positions
  • Develop intercultural sensitivity


Module 2 : Apply intercultural NLP tools to business relationships

1. Achieve one's business goals

  • To behave efficiently ("TOTE model")
  • Detect the conditions for an goal well-told
  • Use Walt-Disney creativity strategy 
  • Reframe and respond to objections

2. Analyse an intercultural situation thanks to NLP

  • Explore Bateson-Dilts pyramid: the 6 logical levels
  • Assess confusion of logical levels within the speech
  • Compare the pyramid to the Intercultural Iceberg of Kohls
  • Adapt oneself to the cultural environment of the contact

3. Adapt one's strategy thanks to the "meta-model"

  • Build oneself a point of view
  • Tackle the 5 shapes of the "meta-model"
  • Put in correlation the 5 shapes with the logical levels
  • Understand one's contact functioning and obtain the good information
  • Put oneself in a domination position

Negotiating abroad using intercultural NLP

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