Effective Cross-cultural Communication

Understanding cultural codes

1. Understanding how cultural differences may affect professional relationships

  • Understanding different cultural basis
  • Avoiding stereotypes, understanding the dangers of sharing a common language
  • Valuating the different levels of integration between foreign cultures
  • The "4 Rs" approach

2. Mapping : Pinpointing cultural differences

  • Building trut within your team
  • Optimizing your relationships with others
  • Coordinating working and decision making practices
  • Understanding different ways of thinking
  • Adapting your communicationto others using the Nomad' profile's frame of reference

3. Developing your cross-cultural communication skills

  • Identifying key cross-cultural skills
  • Analysing your own weak points
  • Managing the culture shock

Communicating efficiently in an international environment

1. Adapting one's communication in a cross-cultural context

  • Understanding the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Identifying your interlocutors’ communication style
  • Passing on a message and its intention in the appropriate style
  • Getting sure your message is fully understood and won’t create misunderstandings
  • Adopting a common language while using differentiated communication styles

2. Bridging : How to overcome the challenges of long-distance communication

  • Estimating potential difficulties
  • Choosing the right communication channels
  • Effective framework using the 4key instruments of long distance communication: preparation, purpose, process, people
  • Writing clear mails/letters in an adequate style
  • Carrying out successfully your videoconferences

3. Managing a conflicting situation

  • Conveying a comprehensive message
  • Giving a negative feedback
  • Dealing with emotions with the desk method

4. Integrating : Best practices

  • Identifying  professional do’s and don’ts
  • Making the most of cultural diversity
  • Working out a plan of action

Effective Cross-cultural Communication

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