Quiz: Culture & Business in India

Do you work with Indian contacts? What do you know about Indian culture?

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Culture & Business in India

1. In India, there are:

1 official language: English and 210 unrecognized dialects

1 official language: Hindi but English is more widely used

860 languages ​​spoken including 22 regional languages

2. We could compare the variety of landscapes, climates, and cultures in India to those observed while traveling:

From one end of France to the other

From Northern Europe to North Africa

From one end of the USA to the other

3. For software development, a project manager travels to Bangalore to clarify expectations with the team. Upon returning to Europe, he is inundated with emails requesting specifications beyond the initial specifications.

This is normal, Indian developers have higher technical requirements.

This reveals that the Indian team does not have self-confidence.

This is a sign that the Bangalore team finds the relationship with the project manager insufficient.

4. The caste system in Indian society is:

The main dimension of social stratification

The traditional organization which is officially abolished today

A code governing the rights and duties of everyone still in force today

5. After explaining the steps of a new procedure to his Indian team, a manager asks them if they have understood everything. The team answers unanimously, 'Yes, Sir/Madam.'

This unanimous response reflects their effective collective assimilation.

Rather, it is necessary to understand the opposite so they did not understand well.

Maybe the team truly understood, maybe not.

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