Working with the United Kingdom

Module 1 : Understanding cultural differences

1. Intercultural awareness, the key to success in international business

  • Taking stock of one's own cultural baggage
  • The basics of effective intercultural management
  • Identifying and going beyond cultural stereotypes

2. Key aspects of British culture

  • An island kingdom proud of its identity
  • A multi-ethnic population
  • A class system characterised by tradition
  • A thousand year history.  A complex Parliamentary monarchy.
  • One of the world's leading economic powers
  • A two speed educational system

3. The impact of values and behaviour patterns on professional dealings and relationships

  • The family: a sign of social identity
  • A state religion open to the world: the basics of Anglicanism
  • The influence of tradition on British open-mindedness
  • A respect for rank, order, individualism and freedom
  • "Time is money", sport and surpassing one’s own capabilities
  • Composure and humour: managed detachment

4. The British corporate world

  • Structure, hierarchy, control
  • The social partners (management and employees’ representatives)
  • Working methods and the notion of quality
  • Professional relationships

Module 2 : Succeeding in work with the British

1. Effective communication with the British

  • English: a complex language with a host of possible nuances
  • Non-verbal communication, verbal language and irony: hidden messages
  • Forthrightness and euphemisms
  • The role of networking

2. Adapting your working methods

  • Appearance and formality
  • Achieving personal credibility: punctuality, honesty, reliability
  • Effective management: efficiency, accessibility and bearing
  • Fair play: a rejection of favouritism.  Joint decision-making
  • Respect for the individual
  • Isolating conflicts
  • Relationships in and out of work: avoiding confusion
  • Pitfalls to be avoided

3. Successful meetings and negotiations with the British

  • Breaking the ice to build trust and confidence
  • Speaking and behaving in a professional manner
  • The importance of meeting deadlines
  • Attitudes to contracts and their implications

4. Final handy tips

  • Caution, patience and humility
  • Protocol and etiquette
  • Social standards, gifts, business cards, dress code, etc
  • Sensitive subjects: politics, history, religion
  • British humour, the role of the pub

Working with the United Kingdom

Public Courses

  • 2 on-site days (Paris)
  • 3 remote half-days


 September 15, 2022remote Session
850 €HT/pers. Training session held in French

 November 17, 2022Paris
900 €HT/pers. Training session held in French


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