Quiz: Culture & Business in China

Do you work with Chinese contacts? What do you know about Chinese culture?

Test your knowledge and discover the answers by email!

Culture & Business in China

1. Your Chinese partner gave you a gift and you think he might have a favor to ask you. What are you doing ?

You ask him why he is giving you this gift

You refuse the gift

You accept the gift and wait for it to come back to you later

2. What does “Yes” mean to a Chinese?

I agree

I heard

Got it

3. Who is the founder of Taoism?




4. What is the time difference between the two ends of China?

3 hours


5 hours

5. How to give negative feedback to a Chinese?

Face to face, with allusions to the team's poor results

In a team meeting, mentioning your incompetence frankly

Face to face, telling him frankly that you are not happy

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