Mastering Meetings in English

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Target audience

Non-English speaking employees and managers who are required to lead meetings in English


3,25 / 5,00 (CECR : B2)


At the end of the training session, participants will have the tools to:

  • Prepare the meeting with invitations in English
  • Lead the meeting by managing the participants and the agenda
  • Reinforce the speaker’s impact and credibility by eliminating the most common mistakes
  • Develop an understanding of exchanges and objections in order to be more at ease

Added value

  • Conducted by an English-speaking facilitator from the business world
  • Teaching method mainly based on oral expression and role plays
  • Practical applications in the learner's professional context
  • Linguistic certification test (in the case of a CPF)


Preparing the meeting

  • Clearly define the purpose of the meeting
    • Do not confuse the subject of the meeting with its objective
    • Take into account the attendees’ expectations according to the cultures
  • Write an invitation and an agenda (templates)
  • Avoid scheduling and date mistakes

Successfully kick off the meeting

  • Introduce yourself / your company (department, activities, products...)
  • Establish your credibility by avoiding the most common mistakes
  • Get started on the right foot ("Small Talk")
  • Take into account the cultural specificities of the participants to create trust

Leading the Meeting

  • Learn the terms and expressions to:
    • Express your opinion and ask for the opinion of the participants
    • Ask for clarification, give advice, make suggestions, interrupt with tact
  • Present deadlines and time frames with precision
  • Manage disagreements in meetings

Wrapping Up

  • Expressions to conclude and summarize the meeting
  • Review the use of numbers
  • Write clear meeting minutes
  • Summarize key points

Available Inter-company courses Duration: 14 hours

* (Technical fees and lunch included)

Intra-company coursesDuration: to define
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