Working with Belgium

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Target audience

Professionals who work with Belgium


No prerequisite


Develop relevant business skills required to succeed with the Belgians 

At the end of the training, participants will have keys to: 

  • Be aware of their cultural footprint
  • Understand the context and cultural mindset & values of their counterparts
  • Analyze the situations of misunderstanding to reduce cultural gaps
  • Adjust their management and communication style 
  • Decode the local decision and negotiation process

Added value

  • Customization of the program thanks to  a pre-work questionnaire
  • Pragmatic approach
  • Mix of theory and practical cases
  • Individual action plan


Adopting a Cross-Cultural approach

  • Identifying and going beyond cultural stereotypes
  • Culture shock and the integration process

Understanding Belgian cultural codes 

Discovering key aspects of Belgian Culture

  • Federation, communities and regions: a multiple country, a fragile kingdom
  • The headquarters of European and international institutions
  • Flemish, Walloon, German-speaking
  • An economy of industry and services 

Understanding Belgian values

  • The family and private sphere: protected referents
  • Hospitality and courtesy, formalism and politeness
  • Community anchoring: parties and celebrations
  • Punctuality and rigor, modesty and discretion 

Optimize your professional action with Belgians 

Working and communicating with the Belgians  

  • A management committed to service and efficiency
  • Hierarchy and egalitarianism: benchmarks and trends
  • Building trust: consultation, listening skills and empathy
  • Pragmatism and flexibility
  • Valuing personal performance 
  • Motivate, delegate, give feedback, value, manage conflicts
  • Take into account the regional context

Final Handy Tips

  • Golden rules
  • Action plan

Available Inter-company courses Duration: 7 hours

1 day

* (Technical fees and lunch included)

Intra-company coursesDuration: to define
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