International Management

Learning to decode cultures

Understanding the impact of globalization

  • Measure the impact of history, geography, regionalism, economics
  • Evaluate the influence of religions, philosophies, social norms
  • Understand the consequences of globalization on thought processes
  • Identify the factors of harmonization
  • Identify what separates and unite peoples

Understanding management in the world

  • Use the intercultural grid in professional relations:
    • Identify the influence of the hierarchy
    • Evaluate approaches towards risk
    • Explore individualistic and collectivistic cultures
    • Understand time management
  • Understand the term "management" in different cultures
  • Explore the different management models and learn about the associated practices

Knowing how to manage in interculturalism

Identifying the different perceptions of the role of a manager

  • Understand the image and role of the manager in different cultures
  • Establish legitimacy and credibility
  • Create and maintain trust

Managing without borders

  • Adapt your communication
    • Decipher verbal and non-verbal communication
    • Deal with degrees of emotions and neutrality
    • Know how to give feedback, resolve conflicts
  • Unify, convince and get people to follow
  • Define your objectives and priorities
  • Develop your leadership skills

Adopting best practices

  • Review targeted skills 
  • Analyze strengths and areas for improvement 
  • Determine best practices
  • Create a tailor-made action plan

International Management

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 April 6 & 7, 2023, in Paris
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 July 10 & 11, 2023, remote Session
Training session held in French

 October 12 & 13, 2023, in Paris
Training session held in French


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