Milestones of our history

2003: Birth of a meaningful name

Two companies in the field of international communication, Unilangues and 4T, gave birth to Akteos. Akteos means man at the meeting point of earth and sea - the land of memory, of roots... and the sea of ​​movement, of travel, of otherness. Its logo represents the man propelled to encounter foreign cultures who is enriched by this experience. Akteos is then a small team, convinced that interculturality is a decisive asset in an increasingly competitive global market, which begins by organizing training to prepare expatriates to succeed in their mission.

2004: A decisive year

The year 2004 established Akteos' reputation, with the organization of conferences on China, intercultural coaching, Japan, "Global managers"... Country training represents the majority of Akteos training with in head: China, France, the United States, Brazil and Japan. The turnover increases by more than 100% in 1 year. It will then increase by around 60% per year until 2009.

2005-2008: Consolidation

Akteos is expanding, structuring itself, consolidating its expertise and reputation. Pascal Baudry's conference on the French and the Americans is a real success. In 2007, Akteos separated from 4T and Unilangues to take off, developing and putting more than 200 training programs online. Country training represents 92% of training, half of which concerns preparation for expatriation. India comes second after China; then come France, the USA and Japan.

2009: Springboard

The 2008 crisis caused a slowdown in Akteos' growth, which nevertheless remained positive. This is an opportunity to set up new projects including the Nomad' Network. New programs are also emerging, as well as a catalog of inter-company internships which then represent 10% of turnover. The most requested training courses focus on India, China and transversal Interculturalism (25% of training courses).

Since 2010: Leader of intercultural in France

Akteos is carrying out a study on its positioning which highlights its strengths:

  • Wide range of training with high added value
  • Powerful tools
  • Professionalism and responsiveness
  • Quality of consultants
  • Presence in the world

Akteos has become the leader in this Intercultural market that it created in France. The quest for excellence and the quality of its services have earned it a record satisfaction rate.

2012: Creation of Nomad' Profiler and Akteos Netherlands

At the forefront of innovation, Akteos creates the Nomad' Profiler(cultural profile, intercultural comparator, country files). The meeting with Language Partners was the origin of the establishment of Akteos Netherlandsin Amsterdam.

2013: Akteos celebrates its 10th anniversary

It’s time to take stock. After devoting its first years to proving to large companies the merits of intercultural training, Akteos is consolidating its international presence, strengthening its team, intensifying its research, developing new products to adapt to the needs of international companies in perpetual evolution.

2014: Creation of Akteos Asia

The meeting with Timeo-Performance, specialized in HR consulting and recruitment, will promote the growth of Akteos in Asia. This is the creation of Akteos Asiain Singapore.

2015: Akteos revisits its values

To support its internationalization, Akteos is revisiting its values​​which find a particular resonance precisely because before being formalized, they have been lived, tested, shared, and already transmitted.

2016 - 2017: The digital turning point

Akteos is launching into Digital Learning, developing its own Akteos Academyplatform, creating innovative e-learning modules, putting its evaluations online,... This is the start of a long adventure which will revolutionize intercultural training and make it accessible to a larger number of people.

2018 - 2019: A new dimension

Akteos is growing and developing by joining the Elysées Group: a larger team serving its growing number of clients, an expanded offering, new offices in Paris 17. The company continues its investments in digital, offers innovative paths by addressing an increasingly varied audience thanks to the CPF.

2020: Qualiopi certification

Akteos takes a significant step in its commitment to the quality of its services by obtaining Qualiopi certification. This certification attests to the compliance of the training actions offered by Akteos with the requirements of the quality decree (Decree No. 2019-564 of June 6, 2019).

2021: Launch of the Diversity & Inclusion offer

To meet growing demand and the need to promote inclusive professional environments, Akteos is expanding its offering and developing training, workshops and conferences dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

2022: The Akteos site gets a makeover

In a constant effort to offer the best user experience, Akteos is rethinking its visual identity and reinventing its website.

2023: Akteos celebrates its 20th anniversary and joins the Monceau Education Group

Akteos celebrates two decades of expertise in intercultural management and significant contributions to business development on an international scale. In an approach resolutely focused on the future, Akteos is taking a new major step by integrating the Monceau Education Group. To find out more: see the press release.

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