Milestones of our history

2003: Birth of a meaningful name

Two societies in the field of international communication, Unilangues and 4T, gave birth to Akteos.
Akteos is the combination of words with Greek origins indicating the place where the earth which evokes the roots, meets the sky, symbol of movement and of travels.

Akteos was then a small team convinced that intercultural can become a decisive advantage on a world market becoming more and more competitive, at a time when nobody believed in it. Akteos started by organizing trainings to prepare the expatriates to succeed in their missions.

2004: a decisive year

The year 2004 establishes Akteos’ reputation, with the organization of conferences on China, with intercultural coaching, Japan, the “Global Managers”, etc.
The country trainings represent the essential part of Akteos’ trainings with top list: China, France, the United-States of America, Brazil and Japan. Sales figures have increased of 100% in a year. It will increase of approximately 60% each year until 2009.

2005-2008: Strengthening

Akteos grew in size and structure, consolidating its expertise and its reputation. Pascal Baudry’s conference on French and Americans is a great success.

In 2007, Akteos separates from 4T and Unilangues to take off, develop and put on line more than 200 training programs. The country trainings represent 92% of the trainings where half of it concerns preparation for expatriation.  India comes in second range behind China, and then comes France, USA and Japan.

2009: Bearing or a springboard?

 The 2008 crisis provokes a slowdown in Akteos’ growth which nevertheless stays positive. It is the occasion to make a balance sheet and implement new projects including the launch of the  Nomad’ Network. 

New programs start to emerge, as well as the catalogue of inter-company trainings which then represents 10% of the revenue. The most requested courses cover India, China, Transversal Intercultural subjects, the USA, and France. The country trainings represent 75% of all trainings. 

2010: Leader of intercultural in France

Akteos has a study done on its position that highlights its strengths:

  •     Wide range of trainings with high added values
  •     Performance tools
  •     Professionalism and reactivity
  •     Quality of consultants
  •     Presence in the world

Akteos has become leader on this intercultural market which it created in France.

After having spent its first years in proving to big companies the merits of intercultural trainings, Akteos consolidates its presence in the international, reinforces its team, intensifies the search for innovation, develops new programs and delivery to adapt to each ever-changing  international company. The pursuit of excellence and quality of its services earned it a satisfactory record.

2012: creation of the Nomad Profiler and Akteos Netherlands

At the forefront of innovation, Akteos creates the Nomad Profiler (cultural profiler, intercultural comparator, country files).
The meeting with Language Partners led to the establishment of Akteos Netherlands in Amsterdam. 

2013: Akteos celebrates its 10-year anniversary

It’s time to take stock.  After dedicating the first few years to demonstrating the proven merits of intercultural training to large enterprises, Akteos consolidates its international presence, strengthens the team, intensifies research, develops new products that are better adapted to the needs of constantly evolving international companies. See the video

2014 : Creation of Akteos Asia

The meeting with Timeo-Performance, a company specialized in HR consulting and recruitment, will promote the development of Akteos in Asia. It is the creation of Akteos Asia in Singapore.

2015 : Akteos revisits its values. 

To support its international expansion, Akteos revisits its values which have particular resonance precisely because even before being formalized, they had already been experienced, tested, shared and transmitted.

2016 - 2017 : Digital turning point

Akteos goes digital, develops its own platform, creates innovative e-learning modules, puts its evaluations online, ... It's the start of a new journey that will revolutionize intercultural training and make it accessible to more people.

2018 - 2019 : A new dimension

Akteos continues to grow and develop by joining the Elysées Group,: a larger team serving its growing customer base, an expanded offer, new offices in Paris 17th. The company continues to invest in its digital strategy and to offer innovative courses by targeting an increasingly diverse audience thanks to the CPF.

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