The Nomad' Profiler


An essential tool to reduce gaps and succeed internationally!

The Nomad' Profiler includes:


The Cultural Profiler


The Country Packs

A true journey companion through cultures

Cultural atlas, compass, decoder, it allows to understand cultural differences and develop its intercultural skills. 

The possibilities for using the Nomad' Profiler are multiple before, during and after training


10 cultural dimensions

1. Relationship to society
  • Hierarchical distance
  • Applying the rules
  • Focal Point
2. Relationship to work
  • Reasoning
  • Time management
  • Risk-taking
3. Relationship to others
  • Professional relationships
  • Communication
  • Dispute resolution
  • Expressing emotions

Nomad On Line

Nomad On Line has been designed for busy managers and includes the Nomad Profiler, a debriefing and an e-mail follow-up.


"During my training courses I use the Nomad Profile, which always proves very popular with participants, who clearly recognise themselves in their cultural profile! They have a lot of fun comparing it to the countries they will be working with and spotting any major differences, which are all areas requiring careful attention. As one client recently told me, "Try it once and you'll never go without it"!"  


Laurence Petit, 
Intercultural Consultant

+33 (0)1 55 95 85 18

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