General terms of use for the Nomad' Network


The Nomad network is a private online community accessible to those Akteos clients who have chosen to participate, with the goal of exchanging information and experiences with other members around the world.

The Nomad network offers: 

  • A message board, for discussions and to "swap notes"
  • E-mail alerts notifying you when you questions are posted on the message board
  • A members' directory
  • Newsletters (Nomad' News)
  • Intercultural Events Calendar
  • A Media Library & Great Ideas
  • Online tools and other services
Users are invited to regularly update their details, to ensure that the directory remains up to date and that the Nomad Network meets its goals of helping you during your mission abroad and facilitating your integration in a new country or as part of a multicultural team. 

In conformity with article 6-III-1 of law number 2004-575 dated June 21 2004 (also known as the "Law to promote confidence in the digital economy"), you are hereby informed of the following:

Published by: AKTEOS
Registered in the Trade & Company Register under the number: Paris 412 056 152
Registered capital: €37,000
Head office: 2 bis, rue Descombes, 75017 PARIS
Tel: 33 (0)1 55 95 85 10 - Fax: 33 (0)1 55 95 85 11  -

Hosted by: GANDI SAS
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Article 1: Purpose

The purpose of the present General Terms of Use is to specify the rules for the use of the Nomad Network by users, in addition to Akteos' commitments. The overriding aim is to guarantee a high quality service. As a user, you are required to abide by these general terms, failing which you may be excluded without warning from this forum.

According to its responsabilities and its continuous improvement of its offers as well as its duty of being reactive and effective in case of emergency, Akteos is allowed to access to the messages sent from the Nomad' Network mailboxes.

By requesting registration of a staff member, the company accepts the general terms of use of the Nomad’ Network. If it wishes to receive an activity report for its staff members in order to assess the benefits of using the system, it agrees to inform them of this.

By connecting to the Nomad’ Network and using the resources available on the website, the user acknowledges that he has read and understood the general terms of use of the Nomad’ Network and agrees to comply with all of their provisions.

Article 2: Registering with the Nomad Network

All participants in Akteos training sessions may access the Nomad Network.

Access is provided to them by means of a personal login code and password which are sent to them by e-mail when they register. These identification details are strictly private and confidential.

Any user changing his e-mail address, or whose password gets lost or stolen should contact Akteos.

Users are informed when new questions are posted on the message board by means of e-mail alerts although they may unsubscribe, unchecking the option "I wish to receive Nomad' News" in the 'About Me' area .

Article 3: Editorial contributions

Any member of the Nomad Network may participate in the editorial part of the site by sending their contributions to Akteos.

By completing the online form, the user guarantees that he is the author of the proposed contribution and the holder of all related copyright. He authorises Akteos to circulate, publish or reproduce his contribution on the Nomad Network and to include it in its database free of charge.

The user agrees that he will not use the Nomad Network in order to:

  • Send any content which is illegal, harmful, threatening or abusive, which constitutes an act of harassment, which is defamatory, vulgar or obscene, which adversely affects the private lives of others, which encourages hatred or racism, or which is in any other way objectionable.
  • Which is in any way harmful to minors.

Akteos reserves the right to delete any contribution which does not conform to its website's editorial position.

Article 4: Conformity to applicable legislation

The user is required to abide by all legislation applicable within French territory. Among other things this concerns the protection of copyright, trademarks, database rights and more generally all rights and prerogatives protected by the Intellectual Property Code. Similarly, the user is required to abide by the provisions of the law dated July 29 1881 concerning the freedom of the press, and in particular its chapter IV devoted to press offences. Consequently, the user agrees in particular that he will not publish or circulate any message which:

  • is contrary to public order and public decency
  • violates the intellectual property rights of third parties
  • is insulting, and contrary to the honour, consideration or dignity of whomsoever
  • encourages racial hatred, discrimination or the perpetration of an offence
  • includes pornographic or paedophile content
  • violates personality rights such as rights to privacy and rights of personal portrayal
  • contravenes any laws and regulations governing advertising activities
  • and more generally no message which is likely to contravene French legislation.

Article 5: Penalties

In the event of a failure to abide by the terms of article 4 of the present General Terms of Use for the Nomad Network, Akteos reserves the right to:

  • delete the message concerned without warning
  • withdraw the user's access without notice
  • inform the police and other legal authorities

The same measures may be applied in the event of verbal aggression, vulgarity, repeated provocations and more generally any behaviour which does not comply with the rules and customs applicable to the Internet, otherwise known as "netiquette".

The user's attention is drawn in particular to the fact that in all circumstances he retains full liability for his messages or statements.

Article 6: Internet usage rules

All users of the website declare and accept the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and acknowledge in particular:

  • That they are solely liable for the use they make of the information presented on the site.
  • That they are solely liable for the use of the content featured on websites connected to the site by means of a hypertext link.
  • That the user provides his identification details and more generally any information considered by him as sensitive or confidential entirely at his own risk.
  • That he is fully aware of the nature of the Internet, and in particular its technical performance characteristics and the response times required to consult or transfer information.

Article 7: Exoneration from liability

Akteos may not be considered liable for any problems with the Internet.

Akteos assumes no liability concerning the messages posted by users, and furthermore declines all liability regarding their content, provides no backup service, and cannot be considered liable for the loss of this data.

Akteos will make every effort to ensure that the content of its website is as reliable as possible but can give no guarantees concerning the information presented on the site and supplied by third parties, or concerning the content of websites accessible by means of hypertext links.

Akteos provides no guarantee concerning the use of the said information and may not be considered liable for any losses resulting from the use of the information featured on the site, or any errors or omissions regarding such information.

Article 8: Intellectual property rights

Via the provision of access to its website, Akteos grants the user (who accepts this) a user's licence for the information consulted on the Nomad Network, which however entails the transfer of no right of ownership to the user concerning the information contained on the website.

The license grants the user the right to carry out private use of the information consulted. This personal right is reserved for the user's exclusive and non-collective use. Under no circumstances is it transferable. Any communication of the said information by means of a network, any rebroadcasting or republishing in any form whatsoever (even partial) is strictly forbidden.

Any violation of these imperative requirements will expose the offender and any other responsible person to the civil and criminal sanctions provided for under French law.

Article 9: Personal data, security and confidentiality

The user is issued with a login code and password which are strictly personal. He is responsible for the use of all login data concerning him. He agrees to keep such information strictly secret and not to make it known to whomsoever.

Akteos agrees to abide by the provisions of law number 78-17 on January 6, 1978 concerning computers, files and personal liberty, as modified by law number 2004-801 of August 6, 2004. Users are reminded that the Nomad Network is an integral part of the website, for which the automated processing of personal data has been declared to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL - French Data Protection Board) via the receipt number 1323183.

Akteos collects the user's personal data in a fair and transparent manner and agrees that for its activities and in compliance with the applicable legislation it will guarantee the protection, confidentiality and security of the personal data of the users of its services and respect their privacy.

Akteos employs security measures adapted to the sensitivity of the personal data concerned to protect it against any malicious intrusion, any loss, damage or divulgence to unauthorised third parties and guarantees the security of the information exchanged.

Akteos makes use of the users’ personal data to authenticate them, to supply them with the services subscribed and to provide them with relevant support for their professional intercultural problems and challenges.

To create an account on the Nomad’ Network and obtain a password, the user voluntarily supplies his last name, first name and e-mail address in addition to his company's name.

A user may refuse to receive e-mails and newsletters from the Nomad’ network by unticking this option in "My Info". On the other hand, if he wishes to be involved in the life of this private, professional and international social network he can remain visible, and supply further information about himself, his country of origin and his city of residence. In this case, he agrees that this data will be accessible to other members via the directory. He can modify his information and preferences at any time.

The Nomad’ Network also proposes a training management platform which operates as an interface between the consultant and the participant. The questionnaires completed and the data collected in this area with a view to adapting the training are visible only by Akteos and the consultant. 

This information enables Akteos to provide tailored services adapted to the professional and personal situation of each member. To meet its responsibilities and to ensure the continuous improvement of its services, Akteos may access the various e-mail discussions at any time in order to be able to intervene if necessary.

Akteos stores the user’s personal data for the lifetime of his account or for as long as necessary to supply him with the appropriate services.

In compliance with the French data protection act of January 6, 1978 (modified) the user has a right to access, oppose and rectify the personal data concerning him, which he may supply when using one of Akteos's services.

The user is entitled to withdraw his consent concerning the collection and processing of his data by Akteos at any time by requesting the closure of his account and the deletion of his personal data. This should be requested by writing to Akteos at 2 bis, rue Descombes, 75017 PARIS or by e-mail at

Article 10: Complaints

Any complaints concerning the usage conditions for the Nomad Network may be sent directly by e-mail to, or by letter to: Akteos, 2 bis, rue Descombes, 75017 PARIS.

Article 11: Modifications

The general terms of use featured online take precedence over the printed version of the general terms. The parties agree that Akteos may automatically modify its services with no formalities required other than the inclusion of these modifications in the online general terms (regarding changes to the network, new features and online services, etc.).

Article 12: Acceptance

The user of the Nomad Network acknowledges that he has fully familiarised himself with the present general terms of use when accessing the website and confirms that he formally accepts them.

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