Quality Standard Charter

Akteos has developed a policy based on quality, defining, with identifiable characteristics, the services and human, material and organizational resources to be used.

Our goal is to foster the transparency of the expertise, the clarification of the missions and functions, the rigor, control and evolution of the methods.

In this context, Akteos has signed a charter committing us to provide a quality service.

Skilled & Helpful

  • Akteos gives the client access to its experience and its knowledge.
  • Akteos only accepts to provide services it has the necessary skills for. We guarantee the quality of our consultants as well as of the methods and tools they may use to meet your expectations.
  • Every action will be made with the honesty and the application you can expect from a quality enterprise.

Independent & ethical

  • Akteos will do everything to act with a spirit of strict independence from its partners and to aim for its client’s interest.
  • The conditions of intervention by Akteos will be the subject of a contract with the client, in accordance with the legal context as well as with the professional ethics.

Keeping confidentiality and rigorous

  • The information Akteos gets access to during the preparation of trainings are confidential. They will in no way be used for one’s personal interest or be published without having first received the authorization of the client.
  • Akteos will make sure the procedures will be strictly followed.


CEO's statement

I’m fully convinced that our approach based on the quality of the three services forming the Akteos enterprise is the right one.

Our quality fits the European economical reality. But more than that, it is also a driving force, a goal every employee has to aim for day by day.

This enterprise is composed by collaborators at the customers’ service, with the help of subcontractors. Our aim for quality is a heavy, precise and meticulous work involving a goal, a team and a result.

Today, I am convinced that I was right to expect every day quality from my enterprise. Quality can last in time with the strong will and full agreement of all the employees, whater their place in the enterprise may be.

I commit myself to defend and to guarantee our approach based on quality that now involves all of us in our daily life. We gave it the following title: “For a better tomorrow”.


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