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To establish its reputation, expand its offering and provide other quality services in additional areas, Akteos chose partners sharing the same values and the same requirements.

International Mobility


Arcaneo designs and organizes events where we meet with peers to think about business issued. Arcaneo combines the expertise of renowned practitioners, the decryption of information, sharing  of case studies and the introduction of voluntary offsets renewing the approach on key issues of a function.

Akteos partners with Arcaneo and has its events dedicated to the human resources professionals, international mobility, trainings and of talent management.

Bi-annual Congress HR major account makers:

Meeting of the International Mobility:

The Bank For Expats©

The Bank For Expats©, created by the BNP Paribas Personal Investors in Luxembourg, positions itself as the banking expatriation specialist and offers a genuine customized wealth management offer. Benefit of many different advantages!

Team Relocations

Present in 13 european countries and more than 150 across its global network, Team Relocations puts at your disposition their expertise in international move management and of relocation process.

E.P.R. Protection

With over 10 years of experience, E.P.R intervenes in the different areas of close protection, in the security of events and meetings, in protecting transports and in all missions needing to be secured, in France and in the world.

Elzéar - Executive Search

Elzéar is a specialist recruitment firm of Africa and the Middle-East. Several years of recruitment practice in Africa and in the Middle-East gaves him a knowledge of compensation levels and assessment tools, ability to adapt and management in cross-cultural environment.

Professional training

CGI Learning Solutions

CGI Learning Solution, CGI training branch, offers companies the needed skills to drive the necessary technologic evolution of the information system and carry out organizational changes that result.

TCO International
Developing Global People

TCO International, specialist in training design, is an Akteos partner in creating unique designs in its training.

Building International Competence

WorldWork is known for the creation of intercultural tools and intercultural educational films.

Business Meetings

Akteos is a member of :

Akteos and university

La Sorbonne Nouvelle
Master in International Trade Negotiation

Akteos accompanies La Sorbonne Nouvelle students to support them in their studies and create links between the university and the company.

La Sorbonne Nouvelle favors its students international mobility. It is renowned for its Master in International Trade Negociation and for its exchange programs with foreign universities.

Akteos and La Sorbonne join forces to prepare students to work effectively in international markets.

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