Managing an International Sales Network

Module 1 : Adopting the best export development strategy

1. Selecting the appropriate structure

  • Understanding the dangers of exportation
  • Identifying the markets, the products and the adequation between market and product
  • Assessing the motives of the firm and of the export network
  • Studying the direct solutions (representative office, affiliate) and indirect solutions (appointed agents, importer-distributor)
  • Analyzing the comparative strengths and weaknesses

2. Choosing your way of implanting 

  • Finding the data
  • Analyzing the structures of competition
  • Evaluating the existing agents (compared with the key success factors)
  • Establishing the articles and conditions 

3. Establishing the distribution contract

  • Measuring the importance of the contract
  • Defining the respective obligations
  • Identifying the aims
  • Organising the reporting

4. Setting the structure

  • Operating the transfer of competencies
  • Setting a shared structure or a dedicated structure
  • Choosing a brand strategy or a portfolio strategy
  • Adapting the sales gambit and the objection-handling

Module 2 : Managing an international sales network

1. Setting up a sense of security

  • Understanding cultural dimensions
  • Making the distinction between emotional and cultural intelligence (Mosakowski)
  • Identifying values
  • Knowing the different modes of operating

2. Communicating and negotiating

  • Identifying one's own style of negotiation
  • Convincing one's interlocutor
  • Applying techniques of communication in an international context: written forms, remote meetings, reporting, on-site meetings

3. Developing network performance

  • Making a clever use of Hofstede's model
  • Analysing the antagonism between the objectives (brand logic vs. portfolio logic)
  • Making the objectives clear
  • Acquiring motivation tools according to cultural data

4. Controlling the results

  • Reminding the initial strategy pattern
  • Setting the action plan and fixing the budget
  • Building the tools and the reporting
  • Selecting the evaluation criteria

Managing an International Sales Network

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