Working with Israel

Module 1 : Understanding cultural differences

1. Intercultural awareness : the key to success in international business

  • Taking stock of one's own cultural baggage
  • The basics of effective intercultural management
  • Identifying and going beyond cultural stereotypes

2. Key aspects of Israeli culture

  • A young yet ancient state.  Zionism, Judaism and national identity
  • A country of major geopolitical importance.
  • A “patchwork quilt” of cultures, ethnic groups and religions.
  • Urban areas and kibbutzim
  • A changing economic situation

3. The impact of values and behaviour patterns on professional dealings and relationships

  • National identity and military commitments
  • Sabra, goyim, diaspora: the importance of individual’s origins
  • Male-female equality: differences from one region to another
  • Frankness, sincerity and respect
  • Emotiveness, humour and irony
  • Attitudes to risk and uncertainty

4. The Israeli corporate world

  • Israeli companies: a second family
  • The concept of “freier”, business and the Talmud
  • Liberalized methods with the focus firmly on getting results
  • The authorities, the state and the unions: the importance of Istadroute
  • Jewish festivals and the business calendar

Module 2 : Succeeding in work with the Israelis

1. Effective communication with the Israelis

  • A relaxed communication style
  • Gestural communication, tone and implicit messages
  • The challenges of protexia
  • Learning Hebrew: a definite advantage

2. Adapting your working methods

  • Effective management: aptitude, leadership and qualifications
  • Earning respect: fairness, responsiveness and adaptability
  • Collective decisions
  • Forging relationships: patience, perseverance and empathy
  • Dealing with dissent: using dialogue to defuse difficult situations
  • Pitfalls to be avoided

3. Successful meetings and negotiations

  • Getting to know your contacts
  • Identifying decision makers
  • Preparing for a long-term presence in the country
  • Written contracts, their interpretation and implications
  • Organising the post-negotiation phase

4. Final handy tips

  • Caution, patience and humility
  • Protocol and etiquette
  • Social standards, gifts, business cards, dress code
  • Sensitive subjects: the Holocaust, Palestine, the Diaspora
  • Humour: a double-edged sword

Working with Israel

Public Courses

  • 2 on-site days (Paris)
  • 3 remote half-days


 June 27-28-30, 2022remote Session
1620 €HT/pers. Training session held in English

 November 22, 2022remote Session
850 €HT/pers. Training session held in English


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