Working with Singapore

Adopting an intercultural approach

  • Develop awareness of participant's cultural biases
  • Understand the impact of cultures on behavior
  • Identify and overcome stereotypes

Understanding Singaporean cultural codes

Discovering the cultural basics of Singapore

  • A city-state in the heart of Southeast Asia
  • Singapore: a bridge between East and West
  • British, military and mercantile heritage
  • A dynamic and inviting economy

Understanding Singaporean values

  • Relationship to the group, to hierarchy and to authority: harmony and consistency
  • Concept of time and space: cyclical and unifying 
  • Identify private and public areas
  • Relationship to risk and uncertainty

Optimize your professional action with Singaporeans

Communicating with Singaporeans

  • Develop active listening skills: deciphering the "yes" and "no
  • The value of the written word and the weight of non-verbal communication
  • Build consensus
  • Manage feedback

Adapting work methods

  • Create links and trust
  • Understand the Asian world view: relationship to time, to the group, to risk and uncertainty
  • Local management styles: a strong sense of hierarchy
  • Recruitment, retention, training

Conducting successful meetings and negotiations with Singaporeans

  • Create impact, convince
  • Negotiation: an art and a game
  • Identify the decision makers
  • The importance of the contract and its significance

Adopting best practices

  • Recognize key principles
  • Avoid pitfalls, mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Create a tailor-made action plan

Working with Singapore

Public Courses



 April 13, 2023, in Paris
900 €HT/pers.* Training session held in French

 September 12, 2023, remote Session
900 €HT/pers. Training session held in French

 December 14, 2023, in Paris
900 €HT/pers.* Training session held in French

* (Technical fees and lunch included)


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