An ideal module for international teams working remotely

Akteos organizes 2h online modules, individualy or in groups, on the intercultural themes, managing remote teams and the use of collaborative tools.


Description of the formula

Reunited in the virtual classroom, the participants can interact remotely. The consultant comments his slideshow, sends working papers, provides exercises and quizzes.

The screen can be used as a board for the consultant. He gives the floor to those who ask for it but also suggests to use the chat to ask questions.

The formula is short but dense and requires attention during 2 hours. A lot of activities are suggested to solicit the participants and rythm of intervention.

Tailored Webinar

Indeed the success of this approach lies in adapting to your environment. The more the preparation is important, the more we can deal with the essential in a short time and reach our goal.


Examples of independant subjects in webinar
  • Adjust one's communication to various hierarchical models
  • Adapt the cultural incomprehensions during meetings
  • Three steps to work efficiently with other cultures

  • The Challenge of remote teams




For which audience ?

Anyone working abroad with limited time and cannot move.

With what purpose ?

  • To make scattered teams work together
  • Address intercultural subjects in the shortest time

Intercultural process by webinar

3 modules of 2 hours each
Pre requirements : make your Cultural Profile

1. Introduction to Intercultural
  • Fundamentals
  • Decipher cultures
  • Analyse your cultural profile
2. Intercultural Management
  • Management according to cultures
  • Managing a multicultural team
  • Skills to develop
3. Intercultural Communication
  • Communication according to cultures
  • Communicate in an intercultural environment
  • Convince at international

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